Mondovolt- Ride the Lightning

World: Alfheim

Diet: Electricity, burned flesh

Height: 4’3″

Lifespan: 10 years

Habitat: Cloud-touching branches of the world tree

Activity Cycle: Cathemeral

If you look up at the branches of the world tree at night, they seem to sparkle, erratic lights that dance even where no stars show and now clouds gather. These twinkling beings are the mondovolt, out and about on the hunt. Native to the eternal storms fueled by moisture pouring from the world tree’s branches, they ride bodies of electricity out on bolts of lightning to hunt prey and race for status.

A mondovolt hunts from the air but not necessarily from above. Some of their favorite prey items are other aerial beings, such as unfortunate sylph. Once a target is seen, they rocket forth. A mondovolt’s lightning bolt may travel as swift as true lightning, but only in a straight line and a short direction. If they strike, their blazing body passes through the target. The burning of the prey’s flesh is what feeds them, such as burning wood fuels a fire.

To prove themselves in the mating season, males go on daring chases through tangled branches and thick clouds, scattering into particles should they crash. Thankfully for them but dangerously for their prey, they can recover from nearly any injury, for their true body is the “spectacles” that float in front of their face, a butterfly-like pixie hidden by its own light. This creature forms a false body for hunting and sport from the electricity around, and only dies should its true body be struck.

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