Springfield- Steel-Hearted Soldier

World: Alfheim

Diet: Special Nutcracker Nuts

Height: 7’5″

Lifespan: 10 years

Habitat: Toyland, mostly in cities

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

In a cold but fertile land, bordered by smoldering volcanoes and dotted with rivers and lakes, there is a place called Toyland. Ruled by a fairy prince, an ascended river troll known as the Toymaker, it is largely a peaceful place, inhabited mostly by the toys he makes. However, even in a joyous land, peace must sometimes be enforced, and the first line of defense are the Springfield Soldiers, Toyland’s jolly guards.

Like all the living toys of the land, every Springfield is directly made at the hands of the Toymaker. Their organic components are more robust than those of some of the armored creatures created in Midgard, with an enormous heart and lungs and even shockingly powerful jaws, used to crack special nuts grown just for them, providing all the nutrition they need. Their bodies contain many specialized, spring-like muscles that can act explosively, providing terrifying speed to the usually slow and steady soldiers. Their exoskeletons are forged by salamanders before the Toymaker seals their organic bodies within, completing the creature. They are then painted in the colors of their city, armed, and sent out.

A Springfield is a police officer first, a soldier only in dire circumstances. Their job is to uphold the laws and joy of Toyland, and as such bring kindness and a genuine love to everybody they meet- and swift retribution to those who break the rules. The most important: bring only joy to Toyland. Those who are rude, unpleasant, or even just upset in public can risk a fine or arrest. The serenity of Toyland is not to be meddled with. When forced into combat, Springfields prefer close range. Their spring-loaded muscles grant them incredible burst strength but little precision and they are poor shots with their gunpowder weapons, relying on numbers to take down enemies. They hand off their guns for the tinier toys living under their hats to reload and spring into melee, unleashing deep maniacal chuckles, for all things must be done with joy.

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