About This Site

Hello, and welcome to the kingdom of monsters! I’m Web Flotsam, an internet drifter who just made a home.

Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with monsters. My interest in practically any form of media was defined primarily by if it had monsters in it. I would wander up and down the horror section at the old Blockbusters, looking at only the monsters pictured on the fronts of boxes and always finding myself uninterested in the movies that promised a human, non-supernatural threat.

Of course, I never watched any of these movies as a child, but my media consumption habits were dominated by monsters nonetheless. The only shows I regularly watched were Lilo and Stitch and Pokemon, both shows dominated by a massive cast of monsters, and usually new ones each week with unique designs and personalities. I went so far as rejecting the nominally similar Yu-gi-oh because the monsters were not real in universe, making them as pointless to me as Scooby Doo villains. I of course also readily devoured the Pokemon games, providing me with hundreds of monsters and more enticingly, the ability to command them. Frequently I would wonder about the popularity of the Call of Duty games and their like. Why would you play a game with no monsters at all?

Even today, I adore creature design above almost anything else in fiction, thrilling at every little monster I can see. And so that brings us to the purpose of this website. I want to share this love of creatures of all sorts with enthusiasts and casual folk alike. Inspired by Bogleech.com, realmonstrosities.com, and other naturalist and monster based sites, this website covers a variety of different sources for monsters in a variety of series. I  look at monsters from the natural world, toy lines, video games, movies, monsters nostalgic and new.

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