Sylph- The Cloudtrekkers

World: Alfheim, small populations in Midgard

Diet: Aerial plankton

Height: 4’3″

Lifespan: 100 years

Habitat: Clouds

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

In Alfheim, you can visit the emerald skies. Simply climb the great tree in the center of the world and if you survive your harrowing journey, you will eventually get there. Along the way, you will pass through the clouds, where the sylph make their homes. Here they feed mostly upon the pollen that comes off of the great tree’s flowers and the insects that feed off of them.

The sylphs float freely, formed entirely of soft-furred tubes through which air passes. This is the mechanism by which they feed and travel. Air is pulled through every tube and filtered for food, pushed out the other side to propel the sylph. With directed pumping of all their tubes, they can move incredibly quickly through the air. This speed and hiding in the clouds are their main tactics for avoiding their few predators, mainly the terrifying mountain rocs.

Although fully sapient beings, sylphs have little in the way of material culture. They spend most of their lives far from anything they could use to make tools. Magic, therefore, is their main form of progress, with many sylph lineages holding magical secrets jealously guarded from all outsiders. Some daring sylphs have made conduits for powerful divine magics by ascending to the dome and taking chips from it. These are often powerful hermits who live alone in towering stormclouds or even entirely empty areas of the sky, defending themselves solely by the power of their magic.

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