Leukannon- The Glob Gun

World: The White Void

Diet: Live prey

Height: 2’4″

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: Thinly wooded, rocky terrain

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

Restricted only to a few very specific environments, leukannon are quite a rare sight for most people. To function, they require enough cover to hide themselves, but not so much they cannot target prey, which restricts them only to lightly wooded terrain, preferably with rocks to perch upon. From these perches, they hunt.

Leukannon are tiny alchemical factories, their bodies brewing a variety of strange formulas. They use their hypersensitive eyesight, capable of perfectly measuring distance even in near total darkness, to target and spit their slime at prey. After incapacitating it, they reel it in with a strand of slime to swallow it whole, their slime already working to begin digestion.

During most of the day, they shelter out of the sun, seeking out stony pits, hollow trees, or fleshy abscesses to grant them shade. It is only as the sun goes down that they crawl up to their perches to hunt. Every full Flesh Moon, they sing an eerie song to locate each other, then fire off globs that carry genetic material from one to the other. After this, they launch many larval leukannon off in random directions, sending them miles away to colonize new habitats.

Leukannon chemical variants:

  • Slow Slime- Most commonly used, seen in all leukannon. Extremely sticky, used to pin prey down. Also contains digestive enzymes that prepare the body before it is swallowed.
  • Devouring Acid- A defensive slime, little more than digestive fluids sprayed at close range. Extremely acidic, used to spice the drinks of some of world’s natives.
  • Blocker Gel- Only seen in domestic varieties altered for military defense, this foam, through unknown methods, can block off a target’s connection with magic. Supernatural strength fades, spells cannot be cast, and some inherently magical beings die outright.
  • Defender Foam- Thick, tough bubbles that absorb blunt force quite effectively. Only produced in very small amounts, used to coat larvae before they are fired off.

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