Hefya And Unya- Bludgeon Brothers

World: Midgard

Diet: Specialized fluids

Height: 8’4″ (Hefya), 4’5″ (Unya)

Lifespan: 10 years

Habitat: No wild presence, but excel most in forested environments

Activity Cycle: Cathemeral (active whenever required)

In the Fellostel Republic’s Anchi dialect, Hefya means right hand and Unya means left hand, often used as slang in pugilist circles for jabs and straights. These creatures very much fit their name, acting as one unit in special operations.

Hefya and Unya are always born as a pair, emerging from the same pod on a Birthing Tree. Their psychic link is established before birth, allowing them to share thoughts and experiences as if they are one being, and the line between the two as individuals is thin and smudged. Incapable of speech, they are eerily quiet creatures, only expressing themselves through impulses of emotions. Their mouth is but a pinhole hidden under folds of flesh and hair, and their only food is a specialized slurry, making them totally reliant on their handlers for feeding.

In the field, Hefya and Unya often work in small groups backed up by other monsters or elfen soldiers. The Unyas are scouts, moving through the forest to seek out foes that the more powerful Hefya are drawn towards. Unyas harass and harry enemies, driving units into traps or keeping them pinned down in an indefensible location. The Hefyas will follow, using their crushing claws to rend armor and tear through the gathered ranks while the Unyas strike at their undefended backs and flanks.

While usually calm, disciplined creatures, a Hefya or Unya who loses its partner will go into a bloodlusted state, attacking without any thought to its own survival. This is accompanied by a psychic keening, a mental attack that causes enemies in range to feel a profound sense of loss, described by survivors as feeling like they just lost a family member or a limb. This state cannot be recovered from, and even those who survive refuse to take food or water and waste away.

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