Leukobite- The Great Devourer

World: The White Void

Diet: Live prey

Diameter: 10’3″

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: The Worldwomb

Activity Cycle: Cathemeral

Every known world has a great space underground, known to Midgard’s scholars as “Erebus”. The White Void’s Erebus is known as the Worldwomb to travelers, for it has been totally overgrown with living flesh of all types. Within these fleshy caverns, there are entire ecosystems, with the base of the food chain “grazing” on the walls or piercing them for blood. These feed the endless appetites of the leukobites, the apex predator of much of the Worldwomb.

Despite their great size, leukobites are very capable of stealth and ambush. When they haven’t eaten recently, they can squeeze their entire body through any gap wide enough for one of their tentacles, which are common in the fleshy mazes of the worldwomb. They can attack from the densest of cover, grabbing with their tentacles and shoving prey whole into their mouth. Already large, their W-shaped mouth can expand to swallow nearly anything. Lacking teeth, they rely on the powerful acids in their bodies to kill and process prey. Finding prey is done through scent, taken in through this vast mouth. They are known for the booming gasps they cast out when they close in on prey, tasting the air as they attack.

Leukobites are surprisingly willing to enter a head-on scrap with nearly anything in their environment. With adhesive tentacles and thick, rubbery flesh, they can survive and grapple with even beasts as mighty as powerful dragons. Even if they are torn apart, they can survive and regrow, with large enough chunks becoming smaller Leukobites. This belligerent tendency makes them popular with the managers of arenas, and some of them even grow attached to their trainers, escaping their enclosures to follow them home.

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