Gargrolla- The Granite Gatekeeper

World: Alfheim

Diet: Stone

Height: Body averages 8’11”, head 10’3″

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: Any

Activity Cycle: Always active

When a tunnel, cave, or tomb needs a guardian, the top choice of any fairy prince of princess is to create a gargrolla. A being of two bodies but one mind, the sturdy stone body of the creature ranging out to feed and scout while the head remains in place to block off whatever opening they were made to guard. Only in the most dire of circumstances does the head move, rolling its several-ton mass to crush anything foolish enough to incur its wrath.

A gargrolla wields no weapons and needs none. Their solid stone bodies are both incredibly durable and surprisingly nimble, and their legs have been known to strike the heads off of beings as tough as trolls in a single kick. With their length and raw power, they can even outrun a horse, but are too heavy to easily turn. Tight turns and difficult terrain are the best measure for anybody who has entered their territory unprepared. This territory is determined at the time of their creation, and usually ranges a couple of miles. The gargrolla is unable to leave this territory, which is usually of little consequence as their only required food is easily-available stone.

Most gargrolla, unless the intent is for what they guard to be forever sealed, have some built-in passcode for entry. Often this is a simple password or the presentation of a known item, but being whimsical, fairy princes often make it something like a song, beating the gargrolla in a game, or some other odd task. Besides this, the only way to get past a gargrolla is to slay it. With their invulnerable bodies of stone, this can only be done by putting red-hot iron down their throat hole. Many wear a stolen helmet to guard this, but it must be removed to feed, leaving them unable to permanently guard their weakness.

Gargolla start out as blank slates, but over time develop deep personalities. While some violently repel anybody who enters their territory, others desire contact and willingly engage with those who pass through… as long as they do not seek entry into their guarded caverns.

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