Falcemaxtix- Cannibal Ghosts

World: Any

Diet: Carnivore, and easily themselves if food runs out

Length: 9’7″

Lifespan: 6 years

Habitat: Anywhere, usually appear in deserts

Activity Cycle: Do not sleep

Some say that the falcemaxtix are the most pure form of the chaos of dragonkind. Good and evil do not apply, just hunger. Falcemaxtix appear mostly in times of famine, and unlike most dragons, appear in large numbers. Thousands of falcemaxtix will appear from the most resource-poor regions of the world in a ravenous swarm when the rains of chaos fall. Those in front are driven by those behind, snapping at their heels with ravenous hunger. They are equipped with two heads so that if they devour all of themselves in their gluttony, the final member can devour themselves, a ritual they call the “Ouroboros”, releasing a wave of fertility onto the land and bringing it back to productivity.

Falcemaxtix would be content to scavenge, but their hunger inevitably drives them into open combat. One caught alone will retreat from combat, but a swarm acts as one, heads seeking every angle of attack. What truly makes them dangerous is their breath weapon, a grey fog that makes everything but flesh intangible. Anybody struck by this will find their armor becoming ethereal, allowing the hungry dragons to bite through it for the next few precious seconds. However, if they are exposed to each other’s breath, they will be shifted to this same intangible state and be unable to interact with the real world.

Falcemaxtix are typically very content with their temporary natures, and it confuses them to somehow end up in an environment so rich it can sustain their hunger. This is the case for a colony that managed to stumble their way into the Worldwomb, the underground portion of the white void completely overrun with living flesh and the bacterial creatures that feed upon it. Here they have formed a strange society, with clans who specialize in different types of flesh or even run defense against deadly threats like leukobites.

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