Fliegenhund and Kriechenhund- Sky and Soil


World: Alfheim

Diet: Carrion, small animals

Wingspan: 11’6″

Lifespan: 200 years

Habitat: Grassland, upper branches of the world tree

Activity Cycle: Diurnal


World: Alfheim

Diet: Small underground animals

Length: Variable, maxes out at about 70′

Lifespan: 200 years

Habitat: Erebus

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

These breeds of fairy hound were both bred into existence by elementals, although they now both see some use by other types of fae. The aerial fliegenhund was bred by the sylph, and can alight on the clouds as easily as them. The burrowing kiechenhund is the creation of the gnomes, in particular those deep gnomes who farm fungus and erebus animals. Both breeds serve as pest control, fliegenhund chasing away birds who may threaten cloud nests, and kiechenhund guarding their master’s farms.

Both breeds are quite self-sufficient, increasing their appeal with potential owners. The single eye of a fliegenhund can see anything so long as there is nothing solid in the way, an ability they use to find carrion in the habitats of the great world tree or far below on the surface of the ocean or plains. Kiechenhund can sense vibrations in the earth, and their glowing eyes can see even in pitch black darkness; they are aggressive predators who keep themselves well-fed on common pests. They are fearless, or perhaps simply violent, and will attack prey of nearly any size. Only truly inedible creatures, like the gnomes themselves, are safe handling these creatures.

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