December Bestiary

So, it will probably come as no surprise that as a monster aficionado, I am quite the fan of Halloween, the well-known season of all sorts of spooks. Unfortunately, I started this site in November, which, as everybody knows, begins an entire year utterly devoid of monsters. Sure, Thanksgiving has colonialism and Christmas has a giant man who spies on children, but those aren’t fun monsters, those are just icky. So this December, we’re hijacking the season and injecting a little bit of Halloween, with a twist!

We’ll be drawing 31 Halloween monsters, both classic and recently coined, all with a winter/Christmas vibe! I will upload my own personal take on all of these and encourage everybody to draw their own! If you want to send me any, I’ll be accepting entries at wade@monstersrealandfantastic.com. They’ll certainly have more artistic merit, because while I love making my own monsters, I can’t draw them to save my life. To make up for that, I’ll include a little lore blurb, just for fun.

1. Witch
2. Goblin
3. Moon Man
4. Owl
5. Hocus https://www.bogleech.com/halloween/hallbest-hocus.html
6. Pocus https://www.bogleech.com/halloween/hallbest-pocus.html
7. Clown
8. Alien
9. Spider
10. Werewolf
11. Sugar Fiend https://www.bogleech.com/halloween/hallbest-candy.html
12. Mad Scientist
13. Toad
14. Zombie
15. Vampire
16. Slasher Villain
17. Rat
18. Dullahan (Headless Horseman)
19. Pumpkin Creature
20. Lake Monster
21. Cat
22. Doll/Puppet/Mannequin
23. Ghost
24. Gargoyle
25. Demon
26. Skeleton
27. Frankenstein’s Monster
28. Man-Eating Plant
29. Mummy
30. Scarecrow
31. Bugbear https://www.bogleech.com/halloween/hallbest-bugbears.html

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