December 27- Frankenstein’s Monster

Chimney Golem

Further north than even the Kat’trak fortress, set not on land but on solid ice, is the mysterious Mummy Factory. Its operations are cruel and bizarre, but the fruits of those labors are the subject of another entry. Their workers and guards, the chimney golems, are the subject today. Grand, steam-powered beasts of brick and flesh, they are juggernauts of strength and power.

They are unknown in origin or the purposes behind their actions, but everybody who lives in range of their raids knows everything else of import about them. They appear from nowhere, using raw strength to knock down walls and stomp in, grab a few targets, and drag them away. It takes powerful magic or advanced weaponry to harm them, neither of which the small villages they prefer have access to. Rarely, they have been known to enslave communities, putting them to work digging up coal.

Chimney golems do not feed on regular food, but shove flammable objects into the furnaces that burn in their abdomens to fuel their bodies. Sometimes, when they do not seek to to take a foe alive, they will spew flames from this chest cavity to burn them. Snuffing this flame is one of the few surefire ways to kill one, although if their body is recovered, they can be reignited by their fellows.

Their activities within their great factory city will be discussed in the mummy entry. Let it be known that these deeds are more horrific than any we have seen so far. You have been warned.

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  1. Well this article is just slander against Frankkenstein’s monster! He was a good guy! Mostly! Kinda!

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