December 16- Slasher


Ah, ogres. Closer cousins to us than even dwarves or hobbits, but nearly unrecognizable to us compared to them. They form no societies, and their bodies are by warped by default, ranging to as tall as 10 feet and always graced with deformed faces and bodies. So what has made them such?

Today, ogres are well known for their solitary nature. They do not commune willingly with anyone, even their own race. They only seek one another out during their mating seasons, and then only long enough to get the job done and split up. This was true of them long before they were ogres. A mere two thousands years ago, they were called “Men-of-the-Woods”, not so much a separate culture or people as a hermetic order of the church of Lozal. Men and women of this order eschewed civilization and all its trappings, dedicating themselves entirely to the secrets of nature. Apparently, it worked, and the raw power of the earth changed them.

Ogres are often called stupid, but this is not quite fair. It is also not fair to call them violent, as they are so often claimed to be. They are certainly not the most erudite creatures, and often, humans attempting to colonize a new region will find themselves slaughtered by the ogre already inhabiting it. But they are brilliant at adapting to any environment, and they do it all alone. An ogre knows how to hunt, do basic first aid, cook, and create simple tools, and they do it all on their own. On violence, they set up signs marking their territory and make it very clear what they already own. We cross them at our own risk.

Female ogres are on average larger than the males, well-equipped to raise children with no input from them. Each year, males will seek out females, often offering them gifts of tools or food. The female will accept a few mates, who will share her territory for several days before going back on their own way. She gestates a child for the same length of time as a human, but the resulting child grows up quicker. An ogre is fully mature at 15 years old, and usually leaves its mother several years before that.

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