Viruna- The Thirsting Healers

World: Midgard

Diet: Omnivorous, require blood in their diet

Height: 5 feet

Lifespan: 70 years

Habitat: Wetlands

Activity Cycle: Crepuscular

Colloquially called “leechfolk” by other races, the Viruna are an uncommon breed of beastfolk, restricted to areas of permanent damp. In their human form, they average short, with dark skin and straight hair. Their tools and clothing tend to be minimalistic and simple. They dress down for the heat and for swimming, often going naked, and the swamps they call home are difficult to build forges in. A tribe considers itself lucky to have one warrior with a steel-tipped spear.

On the other hand, their alchemical knowledge impresses many scholars, drawn from their rich environments. Even those who barely know the Viruna know of the great hospital of Vali Dinh, ran by Viruna along the great river Keh’nem. Travelers come from miles around for their mastery of potions and healing magic, seeking cures to all sorts of diseases and injuries, and many of the world’s great healers came from the appended school.

Most Viruna, however, live in small bands, searching the wetlands for their meals. They are naturally amphibious, and in the beast forms can breathe underwater. They are also natural climbers, with suckers on their fingertips allowing them to scale many difficult surfaces, and they often camp in large trees, the only dry ground in some parts of their swamps. For the most part, their dietary needs match their human ancestors, but with a need for blood that must be sated in their beast forms. As a result, they must take it from massive animals, and many bands find themselves in uneasy relationships with the mighty swamp-dwelling fire dragons, who will provide blood in exchange for boons.

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