Thagomiser- The Wind Warrior

A thagomiser narrowly misses catching a bird.

World: Any

Diet: Woody shrubs, canopy leaves

Height: 40-60 feet

Lifespan: Unlimited

Habitat: Cliffsides, preferably near savannas or forests

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

All dragons can fly, but few can fly as well as a thagomiser. Despite their enormous size, they may fly at speeds boggling the mind, then come to a stop to hover gently at any moment. They delight in their aerial superiority, rarely bothering to come to the ground. They can even sleep in the air, only forming nests for laying eggs. Upon birth, their children immediately take off, following their mother around for several years until they are about 20 feet long, at which point they go off on their own.

Males are smaller and faster on average, and win over the females by participating in grand races every year. The winners are the most desirable, often the smallest and lightest of the “wind jockeys”, as the males refer to themselves. After aerial mating dances, the males go on their way, having very little role in raising their children.

Both males and females are defensive of their territory, usually centered on their nesting cliffsides. They practice aiming their breath weapon, a sonic blast of wind, by hunting birds. The feathers they collect from their kills are their treasure, kept under rocks. These same sonic blasts are their primary defense against predators and deterrent against intruders, but enemies who manage to get close will face their vicious spiked tails, capable of slaying even most other dragons. They side readily with native creatures against other dragons, considering them their greatest territorial threats and potential predators.

In sleep, they drift peacefully like huge blimps, often filling the skies above their cliffs with hundreds of massive reptilian bodies in slumber.

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