Solasell- The Wandering Fireball

World: White Void

Diet: Pillar plant buds, other slimes, sunlight

Height: 3’2″

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: Desert

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

In the deserts of the white void, much of the water is locked up in the thick-walled columns known as pillar plants. Any creature native to the blazing sands must survive on minimal moisture, seek alternate sources, or find a way to pilfer liquid from the plants directly. The solasell is a creature that specializes in the latter option, although with a twist.

Each solasell claims a small territory, centered on a pillar plant. During the day they rest, soaking up sunlight to power their nighttime patrol. It is at night that they awaken to feed and drink. Their burning pseudopods can sear their way through the plant’s tough flesh, but in general they do not have to. The pillar plants benefit from the defense offered by a solasell, and have natural slits exposing smaller reservoirs of water for the solasell’s use. They also produce non-viable buds that the solasell may eat when it requires mass for reproduction.

In turn, the solasell is a fearsome defender. Its body burns with enough heat to soften iron, especially lethal to the cold-adapted nocturnal beasts of the desert. Anything that dares to approach too close is enveloped in burning tendrils and drawn into the body. Even other solasells are pounced upon and devoured, no mercy given to relatives. However, they never actively go hunting, content to remain within 100 meters of their home plant. As such, some have found themselves comfortably in exotic botanical collections, defending the more fire-resistant plants from intruders.

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  1. Well, that thing feels like a nemesis for Smokey the Bear if it ever comes to Earth.

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