Scelacorra- The Swimming Reef

World: Jotunheim

Diet: Algae, stone

Height: 164′

Lifespan: 2,500 years

Habitat: Coral Reefs

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

Much of Jotunheim is warm, and most seas there shallow, an excellent set of conditions for the gentle scelacorra. These amphibious creatures enjoy a slow existence, the special air-resistant corals on their back providing much of the energy they need, supplemented with algae they scrap from cliff faces. Scelacorra rarely swim, as their scales are impregnated with minerals, making them heavy even for their massive size. Instead, they walk along the sea floor, leaving miles-long trails in the sand.

Scelacorra cannot breathe underwater and as such will rarely venture into water where they cannot reach the surface while standing, and they sleep on land. Most claim tiny islands just big enough for themselves, but the larger islands can support colonies of up to 20 individuals. Competition over space is rare, but males will battle fiercely for mates, attempting to shove one another over on land. The loser will often break their coral spines, which can take decades to recover, during which they will be drastically weakened and possibly even die.

Juveniles are landbound for up to a century, left in eggs on islands lush enough to support their growth. Once they reach sufficient size and stoniness, they enter the ocean and began to develop their coral colonies.

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