Healfang- The Medical Naga

A healfang brushes up on painkillers, miraculous substances that make surgery not just helpful but enjoyable.

World: Midgard

Diet: Small animals

Length: 15 feet long

Lifespan: 90 years

Habitat: Cities

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

The old city of Tagask (at the time the center of a small empire, now a province of Leontide) was the first to discover the reality of disease, and how it is formed by particulate beings who float in the air and cling to surfaces. With this knowledge, they quickly became the medical capital of the world, and with early biomancy, they created beings to store this medical knowledge. These were the first of the healfang.

These creatures are the ultimate in healing wisdom. They are born with all the knowledge of their ancestors, and they do not limit themselves to the past, keeping themselves updated on new discoveries. Their senses are geared towards diagnosis. They are strongly nearsighted, but close up have advanced color and detail-oriented vision, but more importantly, they can smell disease from various parts of the body and listen for irregularities in the heart and lungs. In addition, their fangs carry a fluid that causes wounds to heal rapidly, even fatal injuries closing over in minutes, although the pain has been remarked to be worse than the surgery that you may otherwise be subject to.

This is not to say they are perfect. The primitive biomancy of the time was prone to error, and they were unable to give them limbs, making them totally incapable of operations and largely helpless on their own. They have difficulty with basic tasks that require hands, requiring a human handler for nearly everything. This is not helped by their minds. They are utterly single-minded on medicine, refusing to even speak about any other subject. Leaving more than one healfang in a room will lead to interminable conversations on the minutiae of medical research. Getting them to mate or feed as required can be a laborious task involving many hours of prodding.

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