December 2nd- Goblin

Arctic Goblin

Arctic goblins are similar to their more common southern relatives. They are numerous, inquisitive, and despite being nearly twice the weight of the average goblin, even more timid than them. This is unsurprising, as near every predator in their environment sees them as a common, reliable food source.

To counter this, goblins have formed hundreds of tunnels that cut under the tundra, reducing the amount of time they have to stay aboveground. When they do emerge, it is often at night, when most animals hide from the cold in their burrows. Their large noses and ears let them navigate the darkness more efficiently than nearly any other animal, and of course they are intelligent creatures, arming themselves with stone spears and simple bows.

Goblins are altruistic within their own clans, but highly aggressive to those outside of them. Warfare between clans has nearly as high an attrition rate as predation among their kind. However, they are highly willing to adopt outsiders, and even members of entirely different races are often adopted. Often will goblins end up as the troupe of a riding dullahan, following his dark steed on wooden horses or barely-controlled stolen goats, and they will even adopt a witch from afar, hanging out on the very edge of her territory. Their favorites are ogres a relationship that will be described when the great brutes get their own entry. This is always mutually beneficial; the more powerful member gets a small army of scouts and servants, and the goblins get the protection of having a larger predator about.

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  1. Daaaw, those things are genuinely adorable. I wouldn’t mind “being adopted” by a pack of my own.

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