December 29- Mummy


The dread products of the Mummy Factory, created by chimney golems from their kidnapped victims. Few have ever escaped alive, and the scenes they describe are horrific. Those who are brought into the factory are usually killed with a broken neck and loaded onto conveyor belts. Investigators with less breakable necks describe “curing rooms” where bodies are stripped of clothing and skin and hung to dry, treated with preservatives for some time before the final step is taken.

After a period of weeks, the bodies are taken down and wrapped in colorful bandages that bind their entire body. It is uncertain at what point they come back to life, but when they do, they are not the same people they once were. These mummies, as they are called, appear to have no individual personalities, all sharing a single telepathic hive mind. The purpose of these creatures is debated, but the consensus is that they are, essentially, like more advanced versions of human computers, completing calculations faster than any human being can.

For the most part, these creatures appear to be helpless. The best they can do when faced with attack is weakly lash out with telepathy and their soft, easily-cut bandages. However, this does not matter much when they live in a floating fortress, guarded by an army of invulnerable golems. Whatever they are for, it seems they will be at their task a while yet.

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