December 21- Cat

Goblin Cat

With the owls running around on the ground at day, something else lurks in the trees now, eyes glowing in the night. This is the goblin cat, and unlike many of our misleadingly named creatures, it is indeed an actual feline. Closely related to domesticated cats and often tamed by witches, a goblin cat is just a little bigger and a good deal more intelligent.

Goblin cats are both arboreal and terrestrial predators, and sleep in hollows dug out of trees by some birds of the north. They eat birds, lemmings, baby kulanthulas, baby timber mantises, frogs, fish, and pretty much anything else small enough to overpower and eat. They have a particular fondness for eggs, and often attempt to slip into the nests of birds to take them during the mating season.

In captivity, they are independent but caring. They will come and go as they please, but always return when you  need them most. Many a distraught witch has found their loyal cat showing up on their window with the gift of an egg. They are not just useful for companionship, for they have a special defense that helps their owners very well.

Their eyes are often remarked to be disorienting and haunting, and when they make their shrill alarm call, this effect increases. If they look directly into the eyes of a predator while yelling, they summon up a range of terrifying hallucinations into the predator’s mind before they flee. The hallucinations soon pass, but by the time they do, the goblin cat will be far away.

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  1. From the looks of it, the Cheshire Cat’s descendants started using some bad pills. Ah well, at least they’re quite loyal.

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