Conigond- Horn of Enlightenment

A conigond stands nearly upright to study its surroundings.

World: Jotunheim

Diet: Meat

Length: 60 feet

Lifespan: 300 years

Habitat: Jungle/Forest

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

Often mistaken for dragons, conigond are nothing of the sort, being fully native to Jotunheim. They are common in the giant forests and jungles of Jotunheim, those of the forest slightly bigger but less vibrantly colored. They hunt both in packs and as individuals, based on the size of their target, but always nest communally, settling down as family groups in the hollows of trees or forest caves. Social and intelligent, they communicate with sound, body language, and psychic impulses.

The distinct horn of a conigond is the channeler of their psychic abilities. Useless for and in fact vulnerable in physical combat, it can direct painful and even lethal mental attacks at targets or simple communication to other conigonds. With extremely limited front limbs, they use these impulses to weaken prey before biting to finish the job. Their single eye can pick up on brain waves, allowing them to hunt prey in thick cover and around the giant trees of their home world. They will willingly attack prey many times their size, but flee any other being with psychic potential, and are terrified of Numbskull dragons, who are too mindless to be effected by psychic abilities.

Psychics can often be identified by their tall, pointed caps, made from the horns of these animals to provide a channeling material for their abilities.

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  1. Man, imagine being hard-countered by something called a Numbskull dragon. Must be super embarrassing.

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