Bubbler- The Foam Croc

World: Alfheim

Diet: Fish, terrestrial animals

Length: 25 feet

Lifespan: 80 years

Habitat: Still fresh water, slow rivers and lakes

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

Where the water slows and bubbles can gather, wise folk know better than to approach the shore. In these fields of foam, the bubblers hide, waiting to snap up prey that comes near. Bubblers are born of the foam, whether from eggs laid in bubble nests or simply animated from the foam itself. Despite their appearance resembling Midgard’s crocodiles, they are fully aquatic, and can only come briefly onto land, with adults completely incapable of supporting themselves out of the water. This allows them to lurk underwater for even longer than true crocodiles.

Bubblers are found only where they can set up a solid cover of bubbles, so they are only found in lakes and the slowest parts of rivers, often on the leeward side of boulders or alongside the shore. The liquid-filled lumps all across their backs blend in perfectly with bubbles, but rather poorly with anything else. As such, their favorite locations are those where prey has no choice but to come near, like watering holes. There, a single large adult will often dominate, filling the entire pond with bubbles during the dry season to create the perfect ambush zone.

On the few occasions where something more powerful manages to threaten a Bubbler, they will use their tail to attack. Pumped full of a soapy substance mixed with water, the tail can spray out water hard enough to knock a grown ogre over, as well as spreading a sudsy smokescreen of bubbles across the battlefield.

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