Bryoferra- Scrap Metal Scavenger

This massive colony has claimed one of the great vehicles of its homeland and uses a variety of reclaimed objects for locomotion.

World: Black Wastes

Diet: Metal

Height: Variable

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: Anywhere, prefers cities

Activity Cycle: Cathemeral

Most plant life remaining in the Black Wastes has been reduced to a basic, hardy state, no complex parts to be ravaged by the cruel nature of their home. Bryoferra is no exception on the surface, a simple red-orange moss that only grows on metallic objects. Uniquely, however, bryoferra has both a simple intelligence and ability to act cooperatively. Pieces of metal that the moss colonizes are bound together by tendons of plant matter, forming a larger body that the plants can then pilot.

Bryoferra work as colonies, a large body containing hundreds of individuals all specialized to different roles. Muscles provide locomotion and power, pulling like real muscles to puppet the body. Hunters have sensory abilities, sniffing out more metal as well as potential threats. Coating vulnerable spots are stingers, mosses full of agonizing toxic chemicals that leave burning rashes on the skin of enemies. Another defensive class releases spores that are toxic to their own kind, used to kill rival colonies. All are capable of reproduction, dropping off pieces of themselves that will attempt to find metal of their own and form a new colony.

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