Electrap- The Humming Prison

World: Alfheim

Diet: Meat

Height: 11’3″

Lifespan: 20 years

Habitat: Temperate rainforest

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

Many plants form many shoots above the ground, all sharing a root below. The electrap only has two visible parts, one a pressure-sensitive leaf and the other a large stalk with a dome that hangs overhead. When something puts enough pressure on this leaf, the dome drops down and its “teeth” extend, forming a cage around whatever triggered the trap. A powerful electric current runs through the teeth, forming a lightning cage around the target. The plant them extrudes its stomach, engulfing and digesting the unfortunate target externally.

The electrical cage is not just to contain prey, of course. It also keeps more active predators from stealing prey from the immobile voltcage. Even the largest hunters around are unwilling to be subjected to constant electrocution as they try to wrest the prey away from the plant. There is one creature, however, that can steal from this deadly plant; the rubberneck. Normally, these small predators use their extending necks to catch small prey out of their burrows and off of tree branches, but they have another trick that favors them well around electraps. They resist electrical forces, allowing them to stretch their necks into the cage and nibble at their host’s meals. Many rubbernecks form a relationship with a single electrap, going so far as to lure larger predators into the plant’s grip in order to nibble away at the meal.

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