Stingpad- Pond Skipper

World: Alfheim

Diet: Frogs, insects, light

Length: 3’6″

Lifespan: 5 years

Habitat: Ponds and lakes

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

Mostly composed of plant matter, stingpads are a common sight anywhere that the water is still, although most would never realize that they have seen one. From above, they resemble any regular lily pad, floating calmly on the surface of the water. For the most part, they harmlessly soak up sunlight, but they will take the opportunity to eat frogs and insects who attempt to rest on their flat surfaces. Their thorn-like stinger is not used for predation, only self-defense, and even then it only rarely sees use. The life of a stingpad is for the most part a calm one.

Some powerful fairy princes known as Frog Princes have been known to magically grow stingpads into larger, more dangerous creatures to serve as mounts, although they remain docile in temperament.

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