Stagpipe- The Forestsong

World: Alfheim

Diet: Prefer grass, supplemented with other plant material

Height (at shoulder): 4’0″ (female) 5’7″ (male)

Lifespan: 15 years

Habitat: Forest

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

Hearing music in the many forests of Alfheim is not uncommon. Many fae have a musical persuasion, and the woods are well-crowded with them. In fact, even the wildlife may sing. Lacking in tune, but hauntingly beautiful all the less, are the songs of the stagpipes. These cervine creatures are common in temperate forests, most comfortable in drier forests with plenty of grass accessible.

The most notable feature of a stagpipe, of course, is its musical antlers, vastly different between the sexes. The larger males have the strange sacks that the species is named for decorating their head, inflatable balloons of tough skin. These sacks can be expanded with air, then squeeze to create a low dirge. Females on the other hand have smaller pipes, creating high chirps.

The use of this music varies. Most basically, it is used for communication. Males tend to live alone, but their deep rumbles travel far and are picked up by distant groups of females and rival males. Females have a shorter range, using short peeps to let other members of their group know where they are and coordinate their movements. They also have inherent magic, useful for defense. A male’s song creates a feeling of dread in those who can pick it up, making an area that predators and rival herbivores are less likely to frequent. Females, on the other hand, use their short-ranged piping when attacked, causing temporary disorientation and confusion in those who hear their discordant notes. In the ensuing confusion, the herd will vanish into the forest.

Satyrs have an affection for these musical creatures and will sometimes attempt to tame them, although these attempts are rarely successful, with both sexes being extremely shy and unwilling to interact with others.

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