Selenasaur- The Cold Moon’s Light

World: Any

Diet: Flesh

Length: 27’3″

Lifespan: 200 years

Habitat: Desert and scrubland

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

One does not need to be an astrologer to know that the daytime is hot because of the sun, and the night is cold because of the moon. Just like the sun’s light is warm, every known world has a moon whose light is cold. Selenasaurs are dragons who use their sails to gather this cold light. They cannot feed off of this light, but use it to fuel their breath weapon, a blast of pure cold. Slow and sluggish, they use this ice to kill or immobilize prey from a distance. With enough basking, they even gain limited control over gravity, the strange force that holds us to the ground. Apparently the moon produces some of this force itself, and a selenasaur can gain some command over it.

Selenasaurs prefer silver as their treasure, as it reminds them of the moon. They dig burrows that can be several hundred feet deep to hide from the sun, keeping their treasure and any young they may have (unlike most dragons, they give live birth) safely at the base. However, a lucky few find themselves as centers of cults around moon gods. With their connection to that heavenly body and mysterious abilities, they are a popular vessel for these gods. Very few selenasaurs would turn down an opportunity to be fed and given treasure without needing to hunt, and gladly help build their lunar temples. These godly selenasaurs are even lazier than usual, spending nearly all of their time sleeping once the temple is complete.

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