Rhopodirus- The Dragon of the Flowers

World: Alfheim

Diet: Invertebrates, berries

Length: 11″

Lifespan: 50 years

Habitat: Floral forest

Activity Cycle: Crepuscular

One of few types of dragon relegated to a singular world, rhopodirus are the result of the spontaneous generation of Alfheim and the chaotic force of the watery chaos above. While the most specific and least adaptable of dragons, rhopodirus revel in their chaotic draconic nature, beings of incredible chaos and mischief. Averaging less than a foot long, the fairy dragons are surprisingly strong for their size, something useful when threatened by predators. Their breath weapon is a wave of violet light that shrinks all that it touches, bringing them down to the rhopodirus’ level, or at least somewhat closer. At this size, the dragon’s strong jaws can crush bone with ease, and predator soon becomes prey.

In natural circumstances, these tiny dragons mostly feed upon fruit and tough-shelled insects they can crush with their jaws. Without their penchant for mischief, they would have no reason to interact with other sapient beings at all. A fairy dragon will delight in minor tricks played on the bigger races, often also taking the opportunity to supplement their hoards with stolen coins and scraps of colorful fabric, their particular favorite. They often make their nests in the eaves of large buildings, an ideal location from which to launch raids. This makes them one of the few dragons who thrive in civilization. In large towns, they often gladly serve as messengers in exchange for food and colorful baubles.

The whiskers of a fairy dragon are sensitive to anger, a sense fine enough that they always know when a joke has gone too far and it is time to flee the scene of the crime.

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