Pyragon- The Monument Bearer

World: Black Wastes

Diet: Meat

Height: 9’5″ (pyramid only)

Lifespan: 150 years

Habitat: Deserts, preferably with rocky or metallic structures

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

In the vast deserts of the Black Wastes, there are many breaks in the unending sea of sand. Rocky outcroppings and the remains of cities provide many solid surfaces for the pyragon to climb. Pyragon are most commonly found in these areas, blending in with the strange geometric stones of their world. They spend most of their time under the sand, only their built-in monolitic body (most commonly shaped as a pyramid, but sometimes a cube or other simple shape) and floating eye above the surface. Slumbering underneath, they can wait months without moving, just rotating their eye to look for potential food. They prefer small flying animals, which they shoot out of the sky with a single slicing beam of light, then slowly make their way over to the fallen body to eat it whole.

When not buried, pyragon enjoy climbing to higher platforms for better vantage points, such as rocky outcroppings or buildings. They can climb nearly any surface, with their two front limbs and mass of central tendrils all tipped with suckers. They are surprisingly strong even for their size, allowing them to climb up sheer surfaces, albeit slowly. From these great vantage points, they look for weak or dead animals to scavenge upon.

They also lay their eggs in these secluded spaces, spiny, sticky things that can cling to the same surfaces a pyragon easily climbs. They do not guard these eggs, relying on their inaccessible locations to protect them. A bold enough explorer can claim these eggs, which under the right circumstances will hatch within two weeks. An infant pyragon can be raised to be a surprisingly obedient beast of burden and war alike, although one habit of theirs makes them best kept away from settlements.

If a pyragon’s environment does not contain enough rocks that resemble their shell will use their laser to carve extant stones into more geometric shapes. Those who find themselves in inhabited areas can cause massive harm as they reshape people’s houses into pyramids. No amount of training has been able to curb this impulse.

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