Numbskull- The Mindless Meteor

World: Any, but usually Jotunheim

Diet: Trees, stone

Length: 100 feet

Lifespan: 10,000 years

Habitat: Forest

Activity Cycle: Crepuscular

In size and power, a Numbskull dragon matches or even exceeds the great giants. In intellect, they are closer to a common garden slug. Some say their heads are stone all the way through, enabling their great strength but also leaving no room for thought. They are entirely solitary creatures, relying on their sheer size and terrifying power to survive as an adult and the luck endowed by numbers as juveniles. They never gather even for mating; each member of the species is self-fertilizing, infant Numbskulls falling from their bodies at regular intervals and immediately wandering off. No forest could handle multiple adult Numbskulls anyway, with them swallowing every leaf off every tree they come across. When two Numbskulls meet, they are not known to acknowledge or even notice one another, simply walking around one another.

Similarly, they quite readily ignore threats until they are actually harmed, and always respond in the same way. They first attack with either their head or their tail, whichever is closer to the threat. Any enemy too distant to be struck by the Numbskull’s body will be attacked by the Numbskull’s breath weapon, a swarm of meteors spit from the Numbskull’s maw. They both fuel this breath weapon and build up the stone on their bodies by swallowing rocks. In a rampage now, the Numbskull will attack anything in sight, including trees, for the next few hours, often destroying entire forests with fire and brute force before they finally calm down.

As destructive as these rampages are, they are not in fact when a Numbskull is most dangerous to sapient beings. The most damage they do to settled folk is when they eat entire orchards or simplest of all, step on houses while wandering through a village.

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