Neumona- Brain Freeze

World: White Void

Diet: Slimes

Height: 3’1″

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: Forest

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

The slimes of the White Void are known for an incredible diversity of properties and adaptability, but very few are renowned for their intelligence. They act purely on instinct. Thus, it is very strange to see a slime equipped with a brain, let alone one that resembles those seen in the Black Wastes.

A neumona is a symbiotic organism, two creatures living in harmony. The outer slime serves to provide mobility and protection for the brain, while the brain provides the intellect of the creature, as well as its special abilities. The brain is armed with both basic telekinetic abilities and a strange ability to drain heat from its surroundings, similar to that of the salmanders. This ability can be used offensively, to slow other slimes, but if in danger, the neumona will freeze itself solid, becoming ice. It can easily thaw out later, and is inedible till then.

As mentioned, the structure of the brain a neumona houses resembles those of creatures from the Black Wastes, but it is completely unknown exactly how it ended up forming a relationship with a simple slime. The answer most scholars agree upon is mad biomancy, perpetrated by the original natives of the White Void for unknown reasons. Despite some signs of high intelligence, neumona are usually uninterested in anything over than hunting and feeding.

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