Magiraptor- Pretty Paragons

World: Any, most common in Alfheim

Diet: Meat

Height: 4’3″

Lifespan: 60 years

Habitat: Tropical rainforest

Activity Cycle: Crepuscular

Packing a punch and prowling in packs, magiraptors are diverse, diminutive, and dangerous dragons. Magiraptor packs are small, sometimes simply a bonded couple and at most half a dozen members. Every magiraptor is born with a vibrant coat of feathers, varying in color by individual. Part of the limit on a pack’s size is that two raptors of the same color will never join a pack together. Pack members are inseparable friends, working together to raise hatchlings, capture food and treasure, and most importantly, defend their territory. Magiraptors are usually cordial with other packs of their own kind, but take joy in fighting and hunting larger monsters, including other dragons. It is relatively easy to convince a pack to defend settlements of other races from other predators, although it can be less easy to stop them from hunting locals that they consider “villainous”.

Magiraptors are unusually strong for their size, their raw power rivaling a grown man’s. They back this up with well-trained melee skills, not just biting and clawing but punching, grappling, and even using sticks as crude staff weapons. They are also natural casters, using the chaos within them to fuel simple elemental spells. Their favorite sticks are often used to channel and aim this magic, and over time change shape to suit the magic that has flowed through them. Backed up by their teamwork, these abilities allow magiraptors to take down surprisingly large and powerful prey.

Like most dragons, Magiraptors are self-fertilizing hermaphrodites, capable of laying eggs on their own or with a partner. Unlike most dragons, they strongly pair bond, forming monogamous relationships that can last their entire lives. These couples In unusual cases, they even romance other creatures of similar size to themselves, such as goblins or umbraraptor.

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