Gravigrum- The Airwalker

World: Alfheim

Diet: Fungal material

Height: 8’5″

Lifespan: 30 years

Habitat: Fungal jungle

Activity Cycle: Cathemeral

Swimming awkwardly through the air and casually walking on walls and ceilings, a gravigrum is simultaneously graceful and clumsy-looking. Their odd movements come from their natural command of gravity, making them effectively weightless at all times. They use this ability to navigate the underground fungal jungles of Alfheim, climbing and floating on the gigantic mushrooms that grow there. They use their claws to remove the most delectable parts of the fungus with surgical precision, then float it up to their distant mouths. Moving slowly and feeding selectively, they are some of the fungal jungle’s most recognizable browsers.

Gravigrum are solitary creatures, maintaining a territory centered on a small cavern they rest in. Despite their size, they are the favored prey of many carnivores in the fungal jungle. As such, they are wary creatures, preferring open areas where they can keep an eye out in all directions with their long necks. Their huge eyes can see perfectly even in pitch black darkness. When they are attacked in a space where they cannot float away, they are brutally aggressive. They attack by changing the local gravity rapid-fire, bouncing enemies off the walls while they float unaffected. Disoriented predators are attacked with the gravigrum’s claws. Their tusks are for display only and are never used in combat.

Gravigrum are hermaphrodites, and after mating, both parties will hide several small clutches of sticky eggs in hard-to-reach areas. Hatchlings resemble the adult’s heads, lacking limbs and bodies, and move only through aimless floating until a metamorphosis at a year of age. These children feed mostly on the spores that thickly cloud the fungal jungles, and themselves are easy prey for most carnivores.

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