Frog Prince- Princes of Pride

World: Alfheim

Diet: Whatever they had disgust for before

Height: 3’3″

Lifespan: Indefinite

Habitat: Any freshwater environment

Activity Cycle: Whatever it was before their fall

The path to becoming a fairy prince or princess is a mysterious and treacherous one. Some steal their throne from an extant prince, others grow into power slowly, and some few appear out of nowhere with no known origin. The only clear thing about this path is that not all can take it. Sometimes, out of vanity and hubris, a prospective prince falls and is rendered a twisted and pathetic creature, still containing power nearly worthy of a truly ascended one but no influence beyond a tiny patch of wetland.

The lands of a frog prince are damp and foggy, and structures crumble quickly, making a land of sodden ruins. These cursed places tend to attract other haunting beings, fog-stalking ghouls and great lumbering bog beasts. A frog prince may be able to bend them to their will, and at worst their remaining aura of power keeps these predators from attempting to harm the fallen monarch. Such creatures rarely provide healthy company, however, and the prince will continue to be alone even in their company.

A frog prince, despite their failed ascension, has some level of control over their realm, able to shape the terrain of their world. They can never clear away the fog, but many do at least raise up a hill to get themselves above it. They also retain whatever powers brought them so far before, along with a new impressive yet painful ability to see in all directions at once, forcing them to gaze upon their own deformed body and ruined surroundings.

The only way for a frog prince to recover their true form is to be accepted for who they are by another, whether platonically or as a lover. This path of redemption is difficult, and very few of the arrogant and miserable creatures will ever achieve it, making the few who do nearly legendary.

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  1. So if you aim to become a prince, you better not fail. Unless you like being a frog, I guess.

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