Fire Giant- Men of Magma

World: Jotunheim

Diet: Anything, preference for plant matter

Height: 16’5″

Lifespan: 300 years

Habitat: Volcanos, plains, forests

Activity Cycle: Diurnal

The creatures known as fire giants have none of the inherent power over fire that their names might suggest. Rather, their label comes from their ability to heal any injury when exposed to flame. In the midst of fire, their waxy skin bubbles and flows, covering up and healing all wounds. Even fatal wounds and lost limbs can be patched up with enough fire.

Unlike most giants, fire giants are a social species, and form the largest communities of their kind within and around volcanos. These are some of the only cities in Jotunheim, and can contain upwards of 3,500 giants at any one time. Volcanic soils help to provide the crops they need to survive, and lava is routed through canals to keep the cities sweltering at all times. These cities are the heart of fire giant culture, especially metallurgy. Fire giant smiths can shape heated metals with their bare hands, and their tools are prized by all of giantkind. As such, these cities are also hubs of commerce, with cloud giants, plague giants, and especially frost giants being particularly frequent visitors.

Fire giants who cannot claim a volcano are typically nomadic, sticking to warm areas that have enough vegetation for regular fires. Their sticky, putty-like flesh can be swung out in strands to catch prey, but most of their diet is plant-based. Fire giants rarely wear any sort of clothing, and will store their tools in their outer layers of flesh, which lack any feeling.

All fire giants are actually male, as they are in fact the masculine counterparts of frost giants. When a group of frost giants meets fire giants, they will briefly stop to mate, leaving the males they birth with whichever fire giants they come across next.

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