Fangfist- The Triple Threat

World: Jotunheim

Diet: Meat, especially dragons

Height: 92’9″

Lifespan: 50 years

Habitat: Rainforest

Activity Cycle: Nocturnal

In most of Jotunheim, forests are kept open and clear by the massive herbivores that constantly graze away lower plants and even entire trees. However, in some places, these creatures are devoured so intensely that the jungle grows dense and dark. With a preference for massive prey and especially dragons, the fangfist creates and thrives in these dense regions. From the cover of foliage, they ambush prey, sometimes overwhelming even the mighty Numbskulls with their power and ferocity.

Fangfists are native to Jotunheim, although they are deeply corrupted by draconic blood, to the point that their original form is entirely unknown. Each head has its own mind, and the arms rarely get along. The central skull browbeats them into being silent on the hunt, but at every other time, they snarl and cackle at one another constantly, fighting violently over food despite it all going to the same stomach. Only the arms have breath weapons, which are random but are always different.

Like most true dragons, fangfists are hermaphrodites. They fiercely guard their borders from rivals, but reluctantly mate with their fellows when they have no children to raise. Each fangfist has their own preferred nesting spot, a secluded area deep within their territory where they use grass and leaves to form a mound in which they place a single egg. Despite their overall violent natures, they are watchful parents, and never leave the mound until their child has hatched. Afterwards, the child stays within their territory for up to a decade, with slowly decreasing levels of protection until at nearly full size they are forced to leave and find their own territory.

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