Burrbird- The Autogyro

World: Alfheim

Diet: Insects

Height: 2’9″

Lifespan: 1 year (as seeds)

Habitat: Forest

Activity Cycle: Crepuscular

Burrbirds are a common sight in any forest where the trees top 100 feet in height, which in Alfheim is most forests. They jump from the highest branches to hover slowly down, floating through thick clouds of gnats that gather at dawn. When they reach the ground, they jump back up, each leap taking them as high as 20 feet, only to do it all over. When the insects cease their swarming in the heat of day, the burrbirds similarly go to rest.

Burrbirds are the children of great trees, many of which grow off of the World Tree in the center of Alfheim. They are only active in their youthful state, lasting about a year as they feed and grow their propellers to greater and greater sizes. When the rainy season storms roll in, that is when they take off. Their jump from their trees and this time they do not fall to the ground but are caught by great winds. They scatter far and wide, finding places far from their parent tree to plant themselves. The majority will die, caught by predators on-route or landing in places where they cannot take root, but enough will live to make sure burrbirds are seen all across Alfheim.

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