Gobsmas Begins

Last year, when I began this site, it was November, too late to do anything for October. So instead, I decided to invade December, as revenge for Christmas goods getting on the shelves in the Middle of October. Last year, I did the December Bestiary, bringing a wintery twist to the classic denizens of Halloween. That was a lot of fun, but since then, I’ve come up with a consistent setting to place things in. So, I was thinking, what being could I come up with 30 versions of for a special event?

The conclusion I came to was goblins! In Domeworld, goblins are hugely diverse, with not only just different species but as many cultures and professions as a sapient species really would. They tend to integrate themselves into the societies of bigger folk, forming their own odd reflections on the wider culture. Nearly anywhere you go, there’s goblins, even (perhaps especially) where you wouldn’t expect them. Tune into my social media the next few days for 31 of the little buggers, and hopefully some inspiration to you to make your fantasy races as diverse as they should be!

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